Segmented Flow Technology for Life Science Research

May 7 & 8, 2013
Ann Arbor, MI

May 7
Dahlmann Campus Inn
6:00 PM Reception

May 8
1706 Chemistry, University of Michigan

8:30 am
Emily Ehrenfeld
Mozaic Solutions

Opening Remarks

8:40 am
Nadine Wong
University of Michigan


8:50 am
Mike Lee
Mozaic Solutions

Mozaic Solutions: Delivering the Molecular Microscope to Enable Personalized Medicine

9:20 am
Gary Valaskovic
New Objective

Digitizing the Analytical Mass Spectrometry Workflow: From Droplets to Answers: What would you do with Infinite Speed?

9:50 am
Robert Kennedy
University of Michigan

The Nanoliter Lab: Using Droplets for High Throughput Chemical Analysis

10:00 am
David Lombard
University of Michigan

Promotion of health and longevity by mammalian sirtuins

Closing Remarks