Symposium 2015

Segmented Flow Technology for Life Science Research

May 7 & 8, 2015

May 7
7:00 pm Reception
Gran Gusto, Cambridge

May 8
2 Constitution Way, Woburn, MA

8:30 am
Emily Ehrenfeld
Mozaic Solutions

Welcome and Opening Remarks

8:40 am
Mike Lee
Mozaic Solutions

Segmented Flow Technologies for Personalized Medicine:
Allowing the Patient to See What Cannot be Seen

9:00 am
Lucinda Cohen
Merck & Co

Mass Spectrometry in the Pharmaceutical Industry:
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask

9:25 am
Roy Vaz
Sanofi, US

Diagnostics of Rare Diseases

9:50 am
Robert Kennedy
University of Michigan


10:15 am
Gary Valaskovic
New Objective

Clinical Science, Digital Fluidics, and Mass Spectrometry:
What would you do with Infinite Speed?

Closing Remarks

October 5-8
Langhorne, PA


Getting Medicines to Patients Faster by Eliminating the Bottlenecks in Drug Discovery and Development